Mark Twain & Sonny's Kids Making a Difference

Sonny's Kids, along with the Mark Twain School of Montgomery County have joined forces to create the Sonny's Kids GED center. The GED center was started to help young adults, who for many reasons are unable to finish four years of high school, reach their potential by recieving their high school equivalency diploma. It is projected that 6-7 students will receive their GED's this year because they were actively invloved with the program

Headed by teacher Michael Walsh, the GED center is, as he calls it, "the anti-classroom because it removes every barrier for success that are found in a typical classroom." The center is the only one of its kind that focuses its efforts on young adults, and is currently using special learning software that will taylor itself to each individual student to provide the help where it is needed most. Mr. Walsh works closely with each student to ensure thier success; he says that he will not send a student to take their GED if they are not ready. Failure is the last thing these kids need, so until they are sure of thier own success, he will keep working with them. Mr. Walsh is truely an inspiration as a person and as a teacher. We wish him and his students the best of luck everyday, and will continue to support them in anyway possible.